Warm Meals for a Cold Week Ahead

I don't know what it's been like where you live, but here in Northern Virginia it's been freezing. Literally. We're used to the occasional day where it drops below freezing, but not like this. It's been frigid for weeks now, and, in spite of my best efforts to eat healthily, all we really want to eat are comfort foods. The good news? Broth based soups are actually quite healthy. And when you load them with vegetables and pair it with a loaf of crusty bread...well...it's perfect for a cold night. So we're going to have a few nights of soup this week (and, lots of soup for lunch...I actually love canned soup, and am a huge fan of the Progresso Light soups!). So, in conjunction with Meal Planning Monday at orgjunkie.com, our meal plan for the week is...

Monday: chicken minestrone ragu (Let's Dish...yes, we're eating this again this week - I made 4 servings of it last month!), rolls, salad
Tuesday: mushroom & barley soup (a new recipe for us, but it looks SO yummy!!), rolls, salad
Wednesday: chicken cordon bleu (we love this version - it's quite delicious, and quite healthy!), wild rice, green veggie
Thursday: shrimp scampi with linguine (Let's Dish), salad
beef roulade (Let's Dish), baked potatoes, green veggie
Saturday: pasta with prosciutto & peas (a Rachael Ray favorite), salad
Sunday: going out - we're seeing Eddie from Ohio with friends and will be eating there!


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