Menu Planning Monday

You know how some people live places where the weather follows a predictable pattern? I am not one of those people. It was cold and rainy yesterday (it hovered around 45 all day), and we woke up to rain today. Except that it was 60 out. Now it's 62 and sunny. And it's supposed to snow on Friday. Welcome to Virginia - if you don't like the weather, wait a few hours. I pay attention to the weather when I plan my menus for the week. In the summer we like to grill, and when it's super cold out I like comfort foods. And there's nothing better on a cold snowy day then making a pot of soup. So what to do in weeks like this? Make everything from the freezer that we planned on making but never did the past few weeks. :)

My menu for this week:
Monday: shrimp crepes (Let's Dish), green vegetables
Tuesday: prosciutto wrapped chicken, egg noodles, green beans
Wednesday: turkey noodle casserole (this is so delicious - it's the best version of turkey noodle casserole I have found, and is not just yummy, it's really quick and easy to make!), salad
Thursday: chicken minestrone ragu (Let's Dish), rolls, salad
Friday: out for dinner :)
Saturday: not sure what we will be doing Saturday...having dinner with the in-laws or out with friends...either way, we won't be home!
Sunday: chicken cordon bleu, wild rice, green vegetables


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