Step 1 - Getting it Written Down

So, for me, the first step in getting my healthcare organized is to get it all written down. It's easy, and it's great to share for Works for Me Wednesday.

I learned long ago that the first step is to make a list of every medication I take. It was simple to do, and I have a copy now saved on my computer, AND a copy in my wallet. Hopefully the only time that the one in my wallet will be used is when I go to the doctor and they ask what I am taking. (you know, they always do that, and I always give them that look like "what, I'm supposed to remember these things?") I'm not posting a picture because I don't really need the various asthma medications I take out on the internet, but you get the idea. :) I also have, in big letters on the top of my list, the fact that I have drug allergies. Just in case that there was ever an emergency, it's somewhere on me, and someone else could find what I am taking and what not to give me.

The second thing I did today to get myself organized was to put the refill dates for my prescriptions on my calendar. I use the auto-refill service at Target, so I don't have to call them in, but I do have to remember to pick them up. I sometimes get an automated call, but not always, which was how I managed to miss one last week. Now I can see when it's time to swing by Target on the way home. One of the best parts of my neighborhood is that I live down the street from Target, so I can easily stop by or even walk if the weather is nice.

Any other things that I should write down to get my healthcare organized? Next stop...tackling the stack of receipts!


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