Mission #9 - Healthcare

With so much talk of healthcare reform the past few months, it's no surprise that my own healthcare is at the front of my mind lately. Aside from hoping that healthcare reform passes for my own personal benefit, I often think about how lucky my husband and I really are. Sure, our health insurance isn't great. And I get mad every time I think about the fact that they only cover some of my asthma medications. But at least they cover some of them. And I only have to pay the co-pay - it's hard enough to pay $50 for an inhaler; I can't even fathom what it's like to have to pay the list price on these medications each month. But I digress. Keeping my own healthcare organized is tough - REALLY tough. I have a number of medications that I take daily, so I am the Target pharmacy regularly enough that they know my name. The receipts are everywhere, and this week, for the first time, I actually managed to miss picking up a prescription, and didn't realize it until I had both an empty bottle and no new one on the shelf.

It's not just prescription medication that needs to be organized. Over-the-counter stuff litters my medicine cabinet, my linen closet, and my dresser; it's hard to know what we have, and, if we do have it, where it is.

So Mission #9 is tackling my own healthcare - my prescriptions, my receipts, my Tylenol...you get the idea. Because this mission is a little broader than some of the others, I'll be tackling it in stages. Stage #1 - prescription receipts. See the Target bags piled up on my dresser? That's not a staged picture - it's what is actually there right now. All of the bags that have been emptied into my nightstand or medicine cabinet and are now waiting for me to do something with the receipts inside. Why are the receipts so important? Well, if your healthcare costs reach a cetain percentage of your income, you can deduct them on your taxes. I keep my receipts so I can track my spending. And we are lucky enough to have a flexible spending account through my husband's job, so I submit all of the receipts monthly to be reimbursed.

Wish me luck...


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