Menu Plan Monday - A Snowy Week Ahead

For those who don't know, I live in Northern Virginia. Just "outside the beltway", yet right in the middle of "we-have-no-earthly-idea-what-to-do-when-it-snows" land. Remember how last year President Obama made news by mocking the fact that there were a couple of inches of snow on the ground and his girls got a snow day? That's where I live. Thankfully, even though I love the snow, we don't get a lot of it. Except for this year. We got another 8 inches of snow over the weekend (made completely worse by the fact that they were only predicting 1-2), and it is supposed to snow Tuesday night and over the weekend. The bread-milk-toilet paper people are out in full force (in addition to freaking out when it snows, people panic when snow is in the forecast, and stock up on bread, milk, and toilet paper...really). So I'm planning easy meals this week that will also be nice and warm on the cold snowy days. :)

Our menu plan for the week...
Monday: chicken enchiladas (these are from Let's Dish, but if you're going to make your own, we really like this recipe from Rachael Ray)
Tuesday: spaghetti, rolls, salad
Wednesday: taco salad (a healthier way to eat tacos...I put a handful of tortilla chips in the bottom of a bowl, put a scoop of meat on top, a sprinkle of cheese, and then handfuls of tomatoes & lettuce and some black olives)
Thursday: Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches (Let's Dish), oven fries, salad
Friday: out for dinner...if it doesn't snow!
Saturday: Chicken picatta (I use the recipe from the Dinner Doctor cookbook)
Sunday: Super Bowl Sunday...we'll probably hang out with friends and order pizza