Just a little bit tricky

I thought that Mission #2 (organizing my china) would be a snap - how hard could it be to purchase some of those quilted china holders, neatly put my china in it, and neatly put it away? (please, hold your jokes about how if I could put something away neatly I wouldn't be in this mess to begin with) But I was wrong. After measuring all of my china and pondering why I have 24 tiny dessert plates (pondering both the number and the size...you can barely fit a brownie on these things, let alone a slice of pie), I set out to buy the holders. (quick side note: I went on this side mission a few weeks ago, shortly after I moved the china to my spare bedroom...it's not important that I did this part early, but I figured it would make more sense if you knew)

Now, I live in Northern Virginia, a major metropolitan area. So you would think that a quick trip to the mall would be all it would take. But, you would be wrong. I started at Bed Bath and Beyond, where I quickly learned that my antique china is also in antique sizes - none of the holders they had matched the sizes that I own. Not even close. So I asked them where else I could look - they sent me to the mall. This is where it got "fun." Macys sent me to Williams-Sonoma, Williams-Sonoma sent me to Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn suggested Williams-Sonoma (sigh...)...each and every store in the mall suggested a different store. Then, the other Macys (yes, our mall has 2 Macys, each with practically the exact same stuff for sale - it's very strange) suggested I go down the street to HomeGoods. HomeGoods suggested I go to Kohls. Kohls suggested Target. And, of course, Target suggested I go to Bed Bath and Beyond. It would have been funny if it wasn't me.

So, I ordered my containers online. They're still not quite the right size, but at least they will fit (I think). They arrived over the weekend, so I can get started loading them up today....


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