Mission #2: China

I am very lucky. When I got married, I inherited my grandmother's china. Aside from the fact that it meant that I didn't have to pick out and register for china, it meant that I have a very special piece of my grandparents' lives. And it would be great if I hosted fancy dinner parties where I could use it. But in the nine years that I have been married, we have used it exactly once. I would never in a million years think of getting rid of it, even the pieces that I cannot identify (seriously, I have several pieces that look like nothing I have ever seen before - I can't even make a guess as to what they are). So I need to get it organized. I don't have a good "before" picture, since I moved all of the china upstairs to my spare bedroom to move the furniture for my new floor. But you get the idea...yes, that is my Nana's antique china separated in stacks by party napkins. It's a good thing that my family loves me.

So, mission #2 is simple - organize my china. Even if I'm not going to use it on a regular basis (it does have to be handwashed, so it's not like I'm inclined to pull it out too often), it needs to be kept neat and safe. I'm also fully aware that by getting my china neat and organized, I will also have far more space in my cabinet for other items that should really be put away. So it's win-win. If you have china, it's your mission to get it neat and organized as well. Donate the pieces that you no longer need, and make it so that when you do have a nice family dinner you can easily get to your china and find the pieces that you need. Good luck!


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