What ARE These??

Seriously. Does anyone know what these are, and why my Nana had TWO sets of them?

Other than being completely confused by my mystery pieces of china, getting it all put away has been a slow process. My china holders are not the right sizes - they are all just a bit too big or a bit too snug, and they all are far too tall (even though they say that they hold 12 plates, they are big enough for 18 or so...who has service for 18??). The felt dividers have also been tricky - they aren't really the right size, and they didn't send enough. I went to the craft store and bought a yard of the cheapest felt they had on sale ($3 well spent), so I am making my own, but still...why would you only send me 9 dividers for some sizes? Very strange. Hopefully I will get this all put away by tomorrow...it will be nice to be able to walk into my spare bedroom again!


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