Mission #1 Completed!!

It took longer than I expected, but I finally completed my first mission to tackle the magazine infestation in my house. Any guesses on how many magazines I cleared out of my house today? It's embarrassing to admit, but 168. Yes, you read that right - I dropped 168 magazines off at the recycling today (before you ask, I recycled them because no one else wanted them - freecycle, the library, the thrift store...they all said "no thanks"). The magazines were clearly more of a problem than I thought. Thankfully, I didn't take too many "before" pictures. But from the sight of all of the magazines before I loaded them into my car, you get the idea. The few magazines that I did keep are now neatly organized. My shelves in my kitchen that used to be overstuffed now have lots of space and are neat. The giant IKEA magazine rack is empty and ready to be listed on freecycle. The magazine organizers in my office only have the two current years of scrapbook magazines in them (and they're organized too so that I can actually find and use them!). There are no longer stacks of magazines on my coffee tables, dining room table, bedroom floor, desk, and pretty much every other flat surface that could hold a magazine. But I think that the best part is the feeling of accomplishment from completing my first mission. It's great to have all those magazines out of my house, but even better to know that this is really something I can do.


Melinda said...

Awesome job! Paper/magazine clutter can be downright overwhelming! You must feel so much "lighter"! Keep up the good work!

Christa said...

My goodness, that is a lot of magazines. You did a good job getting them under control and getting rid of the ones you no longer needed. :)

Anonymous said...

Good job! I too have been buried by magazines. Cooking magazines. I would keep the whole thing for one or two recipes. Now I just tear out what I want to keep from the magazine, put it in a page protector in my recipe binder and toss the rest on the recycling pile. Clutter gangs up on us so fast! Keep up the good work!

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