Mini Mission: Baseball Caps

Sometimes, organization missions take a few hours. Sometimes they take a few days. But sometimes they can be super quick. I like to do a quick project now and then, partially because it means that I get something done, and partially because I get something finished. So, in conjunction with Works for Me Wednesday, I give you the first mini mission. Today's mini mission - baseball caps.

Now, I know that some of you just looked around your house, saw that you own exactly one cap, and smiled smugly knowing that your mission is complete. Good for you. Seriously. There was not one bit of sarcasm there. But for those of you who are sports fans (or are married to one), you know how the caps can start to add up. I am a huge Red Sox fan, and while I own enough Sox shirts to attend each playoff game wearing a different one, I thankfully don't have THAT many caps. But I do have a bunch, and I needed a way to keep them neat. I also had a random piece of wall (our townhouse was designed and built in the 70s, and each room has these strange corners that don't really make sense). So a quick trip to Target, a package of mug hooks, and a few minutes to screw them in to the drywall, and I have baseball cap organization. It took no tools to hang - they screw right in. And while I could have been more careful about how I hung them (putting them into a straight line and spacing them evenly), once the caps are on the hooks, you can't tell. This would work great in a kids room as well - just make sure you are screwing your hooks into drywall - otherwise you will have a much harder time putting them in (you can also use 3M Command hooks...they are more expensive, but won't put tiny holes in your wall and can go on any wall/back of a door).


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