Is That My Desk Top?

Well, in spite of more mess than I had realized and a couple of family emergencies that slowed me down, my desk is actually clean. That's right - there is an actual desk top where all the junk used to be! I can't even begin to describe how exciting this is. I haven't seen the desk top in at least a year, though considering some of the things I found living on it, it's likely been much longer than that. Just in case you forgot what it used to look like, here is my desk BEFORE...And's what it looks like AFTER...Yes, that is the same desk! You'll notice that my old desktop computer is still on my desk. My husband says that there is something we can buy to transfer the files from it to my laptop, so that is a project for the weekend when he can help me. As soon as we do that, the old monitor, keyboard, and mouse are on their way out. But even without that, there is space for my laptop, which was the whole goal in the first place. :) And yes, those are all my little toys and tchotchkes still there - just because I'm organized (and, hypothetically, an adult) doesn't mean I can't have my fun while I work.


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