Way Too Many Sneakers

Most of my friends have two or three pairs of sneakers. One "gym" pair - you know, the nicer ones that you wear to exercise in - one "everyday" pair, and one "old" pair. I usually just shift mine along the spectrum...get a nice pair to exercise in, then shift them to wear for day-to-day stuff, then put them in the closet as a spare pair for when I know it's muddy out or if I'm going to be doing something messy like painting. It's a great system...in theory. In practice, I never throw away the "extra" pair when I get a new one. Apparently, I just put them in the closet with all the others. Which is why, even though I only get new sneakers every year or two, I pulled out EIGHT pairs of sneakers to recycle. Yes, you read that right - EIGHT. I don't even entirely know how this is possible. But you should have seen the look on the face of the woman at the Nike store as I walked in with three bags of sneakers for the recycling bin. (sneakers can be recycled...I went to the Nike store to do it, but other big sporting goods stores often do sneaker recycling as well, and you can always mail old sneakers to Nike...check here for details.)


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